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14 Natural ways to increase fertility and get pregnant fast

The journey to getting pregnant is different for every woman. While some women get pregnant easily, others may have to wait a little longer to conceive. Fertility problems have become a major issue in the modern world, with more than 10% of couples having to deal with this problem. Besides going to the doctor’s for medical treatments, there are natural way to increase fertility that can help you get pregnant faster.

Even if you’re not facing infertility but are trying to conceive or planning to start trying, it’s a great idea to take steps to boost you and your partner’s fertility using healthy, natural methods.

Here are 14 natural ways to increase fertility and get pregnant faster.

1.   Healthy body, healthy mind

If your body feels healthy, your mind will be healthy and stress free. Try to stay fit and in shape, if you are overweight, try to reduce it. Eat as much as healthy food that you can.

Eat food rich in antioxidants. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains are packed full of beneficial antioxidants like vitamins C and E, folate, beta carotene, and lutein. Eating more of these healthy foods shouldn’t hurt in the effort.

2.   Be active

Another way to stay fit is to be active and include exercise in your routine. Being overweight and underweight both can decrease fertility. Getting the right amount of exercise can do wonders for your mood, well-being and it can may even help in increasing fertility naturally. If you are struggling with PCOD or any other hormonal issues, exercise can help in that.

3.   Cut down caffeine intake and quit smoking and alcohol

Increase intake of caffeine can impact fertility. And if u smoke and drink alcohol then u should stop them to conceive fast and increase fertility. Anything that is bad for your health can affect your fertility. Try to avoid everything that is not necessary and can hurt your health.

4.   Meditation

Try mediation to give your mind break. Pregnancy is not an easy task. You can get anxious, stressed and studies shows that high level of stress can make it difficult to get pregnant. Try to balance out your lifestyle to reduce stress.

5.   Include natural supplements

There are certain natural supplements available that can increase fertility. Always check with your doctor about natural supplements suitable for you.

Some of them are below

  • Royal jelly: Royal jelly, which is also made by bees, is packed with amino acids, lipids, sugars, vitamins, fatty acids, iron, and calcium.
  • Maca: Maca comes from a plant grown in central Peru. Some animal studies found it improved fertility, but results from human studies are mixed.
  • Bee propolis: A study of women with endometriosis found that taking bee propolis twice a day resulted in 40% more chances of becoming pregnant after 9 months.
  • Bee pollen: Bee pollen has been linked to improved immunity, fertility, and overall nutrition. One animal study found that consuming bee pollen was linked to improved sperm quality and male fertility.

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6.   Consume healthy fat and high fat dairy

A great method to increase fertility naturally as well as your overall well-being is to eat a whole foods diet and include healthy fats.

High intakes of low-fat dairy foods may increase the risk of infertility, whereas high fat dairy foods may decrease it. Try to replace at least one serving of low-fat dairy with high fat dairy serving.

7.   Look for your protein

Protein is an integral part of your diet, but you should try to consume protein sources other than meat to reduce the risk of infertility. Replacing some animal proteins (such as meat, fish, and eggs) with vegetable protein sources (such as beans, nuts, and seeds) can help to reduce the risk of infertility and helps in increasing fertility.

increase fertility

8.   Increase fiber and take a look at your carbs

Fibers are good for everybody’s diet. By increasing your fiber intake while trying to conceive can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Food that has high levels of fiber includes fruit and veggies, whole grains, and beans. Try to include them in your diet but make sure not go overload with them as it can impact negatively also.

Speaking about carbs: two things to notice in that, one is the type of carbs and other is the number of carbs that you are eating every day. You should avoid refine carbs in your diet and try to focus on low carbs diet in order to increase your fertility and improve hormonal level in women with PCOD.

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9.   Focus on good sleep

Having enough sleep is good for everyone. Doctors recommend women to get at least 8 to 9 hours sleep every day in order to balance out hormones in the body and to improve fertility.

10.   Focus on men fertility also

This is the mistake that most of the couple makes. They do everything to improve women health in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy but forget to focus on guys health. Men health is equally important for healthy pregnancy. Men should also opt for healthy eating, exercises, good sleep, low stress and can also try some natural supplements to ensure sperm quality and count.

11.   Come off the birth control pill as soon as possible

If you are thinking for pregnancy then you should come off the birth control pill at least a month before. And if u can stop the pill four months before trying, that will be best. It will give your body enough time to get adjusted and will improve your chances of getting pregnant fast.

12.   Drink lots of water

By drinking lots of water will help your body to eliminate toxins. You should drink good amounts of water if you are planning to have a baby. Water not only keeps the uterus healthy, but it also helps in increasing cervical mucus. Drink at least 8 glass of water a day and try to increase that up to 12 glasses.

13.   Go and relax in sun

Vitamin-D is very important nutrients for body. Many studies have shown the impact of Vitamin-D deficiency on female fertility. The best way to get Vitamin D into your system is by relaxing in the early morning sunlight for 10 minutes, or you can even eat vitamin D-rich foods such as egg yolk, cheese and cow milk. However, make sure not to take too much Vitamin D, as that can have an adverse impact as well.

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14.   Food, Spices and Herbs that can help


Below are some foods, spices and herbs that can help in increasing fertility in both men and women

  • Fennel and butter: This combination is ideal to improve fertility in women who are overweight or heavy. You may take ½ tbsp. fennel powder and mix it with 2 parts of pure butter and consume this mixture for three to four months.
  • Chaste berry: Chaste berry is very beneficial for women who struggle with hormonal imbalance. Take a spoonful of dried chaste berry and infuse it for 10 minutes in boiling water. Drink this tea once a day for a few weeks to enhance fertility.
  • Holy Basil: Holy basil has been used to cure various medical ailments and health conditions. Few leaves of holy basil can be chewed daily, followed by a glass of milk to improve your chances of getting pregnant, or you can take few holy Basil early in the morning with warm water.
  • Rock salt: You can use rock salt to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Rock salt can be effective in fighting infertility in women, as rock salt has many essential minerals in it like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. You may take a spoonful of rock salt and soak it in a glass of water. You can have this early in the morning for few months.
  • Nutmeg: Nutmeg has some heating properties that can help in female infertility. You may take equal amounts of nutmeg powder and sugar powder (approximately 3 grams each) and take it with one cup milk (preferably cow’s milk) during your periods.
  • Garlic: Garlic is antioxidant which is good for improving fertility in both men and women. It improves sperm and egg quality. You may take 4 to 5 cloves of garlic and chew it. Drink a glass of warm milk after chewing the garlic cloves.
  • Cinnamon: This spice helps in better functioning of the female ovaries and thus helps in coping with infertility. It is used in the treatment of PCOS. You can add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm water and drink this tea for a few months.
  • Pomegranate: Pomegranates are packed with Vitamins C and K, as well as plenty of antioxidants, folate, and potassium. They help to increase female fertility and also help in thickening the uterine lining, which reduces the chances of miscarriage. Take equal amounts of the bark of the pomegranate tree and seeds, and make a powder. Take half a teaspoon of this powder daily for a few weeks. You can also consume pomegranate daily.
  • Dates: Dates are very nutrients and power food that may help you in conceiving and also helpful during pregnancy. Grind 10-12 seedless dates with two spoons of coriander roots. You can add this paste to a cup of cow’s milk and boil it. Take this mixture for a week after your period gets over. This will help in improving fertility.
  • Maca roots: This root can help in balancing the hormonal levels of the body and increasing sperm count and motility, thus improving fertility. You may take half a teaspoon of maca root powder with a cup of warm water or milk. During pregnancy you should not take this.

These home remedies can help in your overall health and in improving fertility. But it is always recommended to consult with your doctor first before adopting any of the above remedies.

I wish you luck in this journey of conception and hope for positive results. With the above 14 remedies you can make this journey easy. However, you should always consult your health care provider before any chances that u wants to make. It is always recommended to follow a healthy diet, reduce stress and some physical exercises to stay fit.

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