Hey Everyone! Lets talk something about me, I am Swati

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Let me first introduce myself, I am a blogger and full time mother of a very naughty 3 year old boy. I am living with my husband in Dubai.

All I can say is I am a stay-at-home mom who blogs for her passion.

and this is the face behind yourhealthymom.com

I always had a passion of writing, in my teenage I used to write my daily life in a journal. I love reading other blogs too. This gives me a hope that I can also become a blogger and now I am here.

During my pregnancy I used to spend so much of time while reading about pregnancy and motherhood. I had a very smooth pregnancy and I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.

Motherhood is an experience which cannot be express in words, it’s more than that. It’s a life time achievement. Blogging is the only way for me, where I can tell my experiences about pregnancy and motherhood to people.

Yourhealthymom.com is all about pregnancy and motherhood. I am a mom and I am here to help all other moms who wants there motherhood to be memorable.

If you are a woman who is not a mother but want to be a mother and wish to have a healthy pregnancy, this blog is also for you.

While I love writing and helping other women, being a mom is my top most priority. I am grateful to have a healthy and active kid and when he is awake, I try to be the best mom I can for him. But, when he is asleep, I am here to help other women to be the best they can for their kids.

The aim of yourhealthymom.com is to provide everything that you want to know from the day you try to plan your baby to newborn and growing baby care.

Here are the few random facts about me

  • I am also a mother like you but not a perfect mother and I don’t believe in any term like perfect parenting.
  • Love outings with my family and friends
  • I enjoy little things in my life
  • I love cooking but believe in healthy cooking and eating
  • For me blogging is a freedom of speech, where I can express myself and share my experiences.
  • I believe that there is no age of learning and I would love to learn new experiences from all of you. For that follow me on social media and share your experiences with me.
  • Strangely, I wanted to become doctor, completed computer engineering, and now became a blogger.
  • I believe everything is possible if we are dedicated enough.

A little bit more about me is that I believe in friends a lot and I know we all want a friend to whom you we can call anytime in a day or night and find solutions. I can be that friend of yours but with a digital version in this digital world.

I have been where many of you are now, wondering what, when will I get pregnant and how will I conceive, when and how to feed the baby, whether to co-sleep or not and all other challenges that all the parents faces across the world.

That’s when I realize there is no tried and tested formula for this- you learn as you go. Only after trying you can say what works and what not. After experiencing in my real life, now I am confident enough to help other parents who are in same situation I used to be in.

What can you expect from this website

  • Tips when you are trying to conceive
  • Tips to handle your newborn babies
  • All about pregnancy and to make it healthy
  • All about Motherhood

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