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Are you Trying to get Pregnant? Increase the Chances of getting pregnant naturally


Are you thinking about a baby and Trying to get pregnant? This information will help you to know about the things that you should know and in increasing chances of getting pregnant.

When I was trying to have a baby. I try to do everything that I can do to get pregnant. But as you know, nothing is easy in this world and its not like making 2 minutes noodle. It takes time.

Sometime it takes just few months and sometime it can take a whole year, mine was almost 6 to 7 months. On an average a healthy couple take around 6 to 12 months in conceiving. I know that’s a long time but all you can do is to follow some steps to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

What happen in a female body every month?

Female body is very complicated. Every month a lots of things happen there.

  1. Each month a Series of hormones changes happen.
  2. Each month an egg Is released by ovary that is called Ovulation. Here is will not go in the details of Ovulation. if you want to know about the ovulation in detail, click here .
  3. After that egg travels to the fallopian tube and stay there for almost 24 hours.
  4. Then sperm fertilize the egg and pregnancy happens.

Things to check for increasing the chances of getting pregnant

Here I am describing few tips that you can keep in mind and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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1. Timing, Timing and Timing

The main key or can say first step in this journey is to keep track of your timing. The key is to have sex in the days before or during ovulation. The sperm can only survive in female reproductive tract for up to 5 days. Keep track of your cycle and check for your ovulation timing. 

There are so many methods by which you can keep track of your ovulation date.

track ovulation and increase chances of getting pregnant

1. Ovulation kits

Ovulation kits are similar to the Home Pregnancy test kits and can tell your ovulation days by urine test. I also used some ovulation kits during my time they are very effective in telling you the correct timing. You can find these kits online or any nearby pharmacy. Once the result is positive you can have sex during that time and that’s how u can check your most fertile days. Having sex on most fertile days will automatically increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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2. Keep track of Basal body Temperature

Basal body temperature is the temperature that is stable in the morning during normal days. When you are ovulating or you can say during most fertile days there is slight increase in your basal body temperature. You can keep track of your basal body temperature for few months early in the morning and check for your most fertile days. This is also a good option to keep track of ovulation and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Generally basal body temperature during normal days is 96 to 97 degree Fahrenheit and during fertile days, it is between 97 to 98 degree Fahrenheit. To measure this slight change, you will need special basal body temperature thermometer. These types of thermometer are very sensitive to temperature and can measure slight change in your temperature. These also can be found online or any pharmacy.

3. Cervical mucus checking

This is also an ovulation tracking method. For this you should be aware of the changes in your cervical mucus throughout the month.  As hormones changes in your body, the consistency of cervical mucus also changes before and after ovulation.  As you have noticed in daily life that sometime there are dry days and sometime there is great amount of mucus. 

During initial days after periods are like dry days and as the egg starts to mature, mucus increases in the vagina, and is white or yellow and cloudy and sticky. There is great amount of mucus during ovulation. During these wet days it becomes clear and slippery, like raw egg whites. Sometimes it can be stretched apart. This is when you are most fertile. So that’s how u can calculate your most fertile days and utilize them to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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4. Periods tracking apps or Calendars

You can also use any period tracking app or maintain a calendar to keep the track of your cycle. These types of apps also tell you about your most fertile days based on your previous cycle. 

5. Follicular method

If you are not able to find your ovulation days by any of the above methods then you can go to your doctor and doctor will do some blood test and can perform a series of ultrasound to check your most fertile day. This method is basically called follicular method. your doctor will tell you about your most fertile days so that you can have sex on right time and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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For the best result you can use above methods in combination and accurately calculate your fertile days.

2. Eat well and Exercise

As you know, eating healthy means healthy body and healthy body means chances of getting pregnant are high. Here are few tips for that…

increase chances of getting pregnant by healthy eating
  • Improve your diet
  • Include some exercise to your daily routine.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol
  • Cut some sort of caffeine if you are taking too much
  • Try meditation and Yoga

When to take some Medical professional advice

Some time it is very frustrating when you are trying for something and its taking too long. But I will advise you to try to be relax and enjoy this time.

On an average it can take up to 6 to 12 months.

  1. Check with your doctor if you are trying from more than 12 months and your age is less than 35. But if your age is more than 35 then it is advised to wait only for 6 months. But still it’s not a standard time lines and don’t be stressed about these also because stress can also delay the process.
  2. If you think that u can have some fertility issues then go to the doctor and check for fertility tests.
  3. If you have any genetic or medical condition.
  4. Having a history of miscarriages.

Hope Following these advices you will be able to increase your chances of getting pregnant and have positive results soon.

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