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Hospital bag checklist for dad: 19 essential things to check for

When our due date is near, we are so busy in packing hospital bag for mother and baby and it’s very easy to forget about hospital bag for dad. Dads also need to pack his hospital bag before the due date. The day you deliver the baby is the big day for whole family and your partner plays an important role in supporting you throughout the process of labor.

Labor can be very long for some time and it can take a whole night or a day or two. So it’s very important for dads to pack their hospital bag and be ready for any unpredictability.

If you are thinking what to pack in a hospital bag for dad, then don’t worry, I have put list of some essential items to put in your bag.

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1.    Comfortable clothes

Dad also needs some comfortable clothes in his hospital bag. Pack some comfortable clothes like pajamas, sweatshirt, sweatpants or any other in which you feel comfortable. You will also need some fresh undergarments, sock and small towel to feel fresh.

Remember to pack some nice clothes for pictures when your baby arrive, it will be a very big moment for all of you.

2.    Pillow and blanket

It will be good if you pack small blanket and a pillow like a small travel pillow or neck pillow to sleep comfortably if you need to spend a whole night in the hospital. Although hospital provide all the necessary items but it’s good to be prepared.

3.    Refillable water bottles

Water is a necessity and it’s very important to pack reusable water bottles. Both you and your partner need to stay hydrated throughout the day as it’s gonna be a hard as well as memorable day for your whole family. You may not get a chance to leave the room for water or anything else so it’s a good idea to keep reusable water bottles with you.

4.    Footwear

You should pack some comfortable footwear like slippers, flip-flops, crocs or other sneakers to stay comfortable and free.

5.    Extra cash, change and credit cards

It will be great if you keep some cash and change in hands for any emergency. Having extra cash will save you at the places where you can’t use card like vending machine or parking meter. This is an essential thing for dad to keep in their hospital bag.

6.    Healthy snacks for both of you

It’s a good idea to pack some healthy snacks for both of you to have some munching. When you are doing nothing, you feel hungrier and having some extra snacks and drinks will save you.  Your partner will also need some snacks in between of labor and maybe she won’t be able to eat much but having some healthy option in hand is always a good idea.

7.    Important medicines

It’s very important to keep important medicines with you. If you are on some medication like thyroid, blood sugar or any other, keep them handy and don’t forget to pack them.

8.    Necessary electronics

Check for necessary electronics that you need like ear buds, camera, tablet or laptop etc. You can discuss with you partner also about how she wants to capture those first moments and pack electronics according to your preferences.

hospital bag checklist

9.    Phone and charger

Sometime we forget to pack charger so it’s very important to pack phone and charger both because labor can take lots of time and you don’t want to run out of your phone battery. You may need your phone anytime for necessary calls and important messages.

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10.    Mask and sanitizer

If you are delivering a baby in 2020, it’s very important to pack some masks and sanitizer because you never know how hospital policies work and it will also help in preventing infection.

11.    Tissues and Disposables

You can also pack some tissue packet and disposable like spoon, glass and plates for having snacks and food. It’s always a great idea if you keep them in your hospital bag.

12.    Toiletries

Dad also needs some toiletries in his hospital bag. You may need to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, perfume, deodorant, wet wipes, face wash or anything that is necessary for you.

13.    Insurance details and important documents

It’s important for dad to checklist important documents like id-cards and insurance documents while packing hospital bag. Keep all the details with you and check for all the paper work that is needed.

14.    Glasses or contact lenses if needed

If you are using glasses or contact lenses, don’t forget to pack them. Add contact solution also in your hospital bag.

15.    Contact number of closed ones

Dad need to keep the record of contact number of closed ones while packing his hospital bag. You can need help from anyone while any unpredictability this is why it’s important to keep their number handy. You may need their number to notify them after delivering baby.

16.    Massage oil for mother

A mother is going through so much pain while labor and she will need your support all the time. You can support them with massage to sooth their pain. You should keep the massage oil in your bag to give them back massage or leg massage when she is in pain.

17.    Car seat

You can’t take your baby home without a car seat. You need to keep ready your car seat to welcome your baby at home. Put this essential item in dad and mom’s both checklists while packing for hospital bag.

18.    Check for the readiness of mom and baby bag

This is a very important responsibility of dad’s while packing hospital bags to checklist all the items in mom and baby bag also. It’s always a good idea to double check your partner bag by yourself to avoid any problems.

19.    A Special gift for partner

If you want to give a special gift to your partner when your baby arrives, don’t forget to pack that when you are preparing your hospital bag. It will give a special pleasure to your partner.

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