Have you ever think about mother’s love for their child? What is motherhood for me?

Let’s share some thoughts on this.

Motherhood is not just a word; it’s an emotion that we can’t describe in words. It’s a wonderful gift and privilege that we women can feel. Don’t worry I am not underestimating the fathers love, fathers has their own special bond with the child

To me being a mother means to be fearless, to be positive always and being a role model for their kids.  Being a mother is the greatest job in this world and it’s all about always been there. Motherhood is full of responsibilities and selflessness.

mom_son journey of my motherhood

It makes life so colorful and joyful that u could not even thought about it. For a kid mother is their whole world and for a mother kids are their whole world.

“There are so many responsibilities that come during the journey of motherhood. From the time when they’re babies in your arms to teenagers becoming more independent, you always want to help.

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A mother’s love is boundless, endless, seamless, and selfless-unconditional. There is no one definition of motherhood. It is a combination of raw emotions, experiences, and our hopes and dreams for our children. Every mother has their own path to motherhood, but rewards are the same.

For a baby

His First restaurant – his mom’s breast

His First washroom – his mom’s lap

His First school – his mom’s kitchen

His First teacher – his mom

His First doctor – his mom

His First thermometer – his mom’s fingers

His First friend – his mom

His First dresser – his mom

His First vehicle – his mom’s back

His First music – his mom’s heartbeat

I can totally relate with theses line and I am sure every mother can. A mother gives her everything to his child and loves unconditionally. She sacrifices her body, her time, her sleep; her mental health and so many other things to raise kids. After all, it’s worth in the end because after having a baby life is no more all about her and this is the beauty of motherhood.

When I was a woman and became mother, I always wanted be to the best mom ever for my child and still I am trying for that.

According to the books a good enough mom

  • Loves her child unconditionally
  • Always does what’s best for her child
  • Shouldn’t feel bored spending time with her child
  • Always feel happy every time she looks at her child
  • Should always feel happy for her child.
  • Never hurt her child
  • She can handle her child full day without needing a break

And so on. This list is so long to handle.  There are so may should and shouldn’t but all are not possible and not realistic also.

My son with me motherhood

Motherhood is all about mother and child bond. No one is perfect in this word not even a mother. Even I am also not a perfect mother but I always do my best and give best to my child. I just want to a be good enough mom “not a perfect mom” and doing best to:

  • Be there for my child every time he need me
  • Provide my child good food, educational and good life values
  • Be a good example for him
  • Allow him to make mistake and learn from them
  • Teach him to be kind and loving
  • Allow him to take decisions and face the consequences together so that he can learn from them.
  • Teach him how to live happily and the importance of happiness
  • Give enough time to him

I think these are pretty easy then try to become a “bookish perfect mother”.  We live in the world where nothing is perfect or ideal, so how can a woman be a perfect mother. Just make your own list of perfection and think about that only. This way you will be the best mom for your kids.


As a mother the biggest things that you should have is patience and a lots of patience. Always try to see the things from your kids perspective is the best way to understand them and this way you can make your bond stronger.

According to me a mother is the best teacher for other mothers. If you like my thought about motherhood and a good mother please comment below. I would also like to learn new things from other mothers as well and if you have your own definition of motherhood, tell me in comments. I would love to read that too.

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