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How to care for baby : 25 things you should not do with newborn baby

For new parents the most important task is to take care of their baby. Newborns are little bundle of joy and happiness. After 9 months of waiting and the pain of labor, your beautiful baby is in your hand.

Now is a time when you are ready to go home with your little munchkin and ready to begin a new life with him. Now is the time to start the bonding process with the newest member of your family. When you bring your baby home, you may not know what to do and what not to do, especially if you are a new parent.

Caring for a newborn baby is more then what we think. It takes lots of effort and practice. It involves lots of learning and giving best to your baby.

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There are many things that we need to take care when thinking about a baby. Here in this blog you can read about what you should not do with a newborn and mistakes to avoid.

25 things that you should take care for a newborn baby

Here are the most common mistakes that parents do with a new born baby.

1.    Rough Handling: Take care for baby while handling

Some parents handle newborn babies very roughly. They play with them like a toy and try to make them jump in the air like a ball. Don’t plays with them like a materialistic thing. Handling newborn babies roughly can fatality and internal injuries.

2.    Don’t shake them

Some parents shake their babies to make them laugh, to stop them crying or to put them to sleep etc. However shaking is not good for them. Avoid shaking you baby as it can lead to Shaken Baby Syndrome or sometime shaking can even cause internal bleeding.

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3.    Not washing hands before handling

Newborn babies are very sensitive to germs and viruses, their immunity is very week. It is important to wash your hands properly before handling and caring for babies. If any visitors are coming to meet, ask them to wash their hands before handling your baby to them.

4.    Do not forget to burp

Some parents forget to burp babies after feeding. Burping is an important part of feeding. It will prevent your child from gas related issues. It is not necessary that baby burp after each feeding session but you should try to burp them after each feeding.

care for baby while bruping

5.    Do not smoke near to your baby : Take care while smoking

Although smoking is not good for you also but newborns are very sensitive to these things. You should not smoke near to a newborn baby and take care of these things because newborn’s immune system is very week; smoking can cause various respiratory problems to them.

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6.    Do not forget the immunization

Immunization is a way to protect your baby from various life threatening disease therefore you should not forget about that and make sure to take your baby for vaccinations according to schedule and on time. Immunization will help your baby to grow up healthy and fit.

7.    Take care for baby nails

Newborn nails grow much faster than an adult. Cut your baby nails once in every week with a baby safe nail clipper. Try to cut their nails while sleeping to avoid any accident.

8.    Do not force feed

Each newborn have their own appetite, never force them to finish the bottle while feeding. Newborn takes small and frequent feeding, try to feed them frequently and don’t push them to finish the bottle.

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9.    Don’t keep stuff toys near to them while sleeping

Every parent wants their newborns to play with soft toys but you should not keep them near to newborn while sleeping. But stuff toys can collect the dust on them and this dust can cause allergies and other health related issues to a new baby.

10.  Take care for feeding positions while feeding baby

Always choose the feeding position that is comfortable for your newborn. When you feed your baby try to hold your baby at a 45-degree angle and tilt the bottle so that the neck of the bottle is always filled.

11.    Don’t ignore them

Don’t ignore your newborn baby and communicate with them. Newborn are ready to communicate soon after the birth. They communicate with their hand and legs moments, by crying, by making some faces and by making some funny voices so never think that they can’t communicate. Communicate with them by singing, reading, talking, playing etc.

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12.    Don’t use perfumed wipes

Always try to use wipes that have no fragrance. Perfumed wipes can cause irritation and rashes due to the chemical present in them.

13.    Don’t use ear buds for ear and nose

Some parents use ear buds to clean their ear and nose, don’t do that. Clean their ear or nose with the corner of soft towel after bath: Ear buds can cause internal injuries if not used properly, so take care of baby ear and nose while cleaning them. Some parents also put oil in their ear and nose, avoid putting that. Don’t put anything in their nose and ear without consulting a doctor, it can harm them.


14.    Don’t let them cry

Crying is the only way that they know to communicate. Newborn cry every time they want help and they cry a lot. They cry when hungry, feeling sleeping, want you to hold, nappy change or any other issue. Try to understand the reason of their crying and don’t ignore their crying. Give them proper attention when they want and be available every time.

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15.    Don’t put kajal or surma to eyes

Don’t use Surma or kajal to your baby eyes; it can contain lead which can be dangerous for their eyes.

16.    Never leave them alone

Newborn are physically connected to their mother or any other caregiver and never leave them alone. Babies cannot take care of themselves; they are completely depended on their primary care giver so be there with them every time.

17.    Not feeding and holding them on demand

Newborn takes frequent feeding sessions. On an average newborn feeds about 10 to 12 times a day including night feeds. Feed them on demand is the best way to take care for babies. If the baby gets hungry again in an hour or two, feed again. Babies are meant to be hold. Hold them whenever they want you to hold, this will help them to create them a strong bond with you. Newborn feels safe when someone holds them and makes love. So never avoid them and hold them on demand.

18.    Not enough tummy time

The American Academy of Pediatrics says parents can start tummy time as early as their first day home from the hospital. You might begin with 1 to 2 minutes a few times a day. Over time, you can gradually build up to 10-15 minutes, several times a day. Experts agree that babies, who don’t spend time on their tummy, face-down, often have some delays in their development of motor skills.

19.    Behaving aggressively to newborn

Newborns are supposed to handle gently not roughly and aggressively. You should never behave aggressively with a new born. Some parents even hit or spank their babies, this is very bad behavior. Almost 1/3 of 12-month-olds in the USA are spanked, according to recent research. Babies just came to this strange world and are in learning stage, behaving aggressively can have a long term negative effects on them.

20.    Too much use of pacifier

Pacifier is not that much safe for a newborn baby, if you can avoid a pacifier than its good otherwise limit its usage. Avoid using pacifier immediately after the birth. Introduce pacifier only after 3 to 4 weeks of birth or wait till your baby established a feeding routine.

21.    Don’t take them in crowded places

Newborn babies are very sensitive to germs and can get sick very often. First two months of your baby’s life are very crucial; you need to protect them from the exposure of germs and other people who are sick. Don’t take them to the crowded places like a big family gathering or any public place that is too crowded.

22.    Don’t over and under do while choosing the clothes

I have heard that many parents are worried about the temperature of their baby and often ask them about layering of clothes but the simple answer is that it depends on season and weather.

In winter season put one layer extra from yours, for example if you are wearing 2 layers then layers your child by 3. In summer, try not to layer and choose comfortable and breathable clothes. Always check your child temperature by touching back or chest, if it’s too hot, remove one layer and if it’s too cold put one layer extra. Never check your child temperature by hand and feet, because generally newborn have cold hand and feet.

23.    Don’t do side sleeping: Take care for baby sleep position

Always put your baby sleep on his/her back. Placing your baby on their back from start will help them to maintain a good sleeping posture and is the best precautions against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

24.    Swaddle properly

Swaddling is keeping your baby’s arms and legs wrapped in a soft blanket and it is very important. Always ask for help if you don’t know how to swaddle baby properly. It helps recreate the environment inside the womb. Some babies like to have their hands out while they are sleeping but others may like an all-wrapped feel. If the baby’s sweating too much, release her from the wrap else she may get fever due to dehydration.

25.    Take care for the safety of babies

Newborns are very gentle and soft, care and handle them properly is very important. Along with that their safety should be taken care of so never leave your baby alone on changing tables, beds, sofas, or chairs. Put your baby in a safe place such as a crib or playpen when you cannot hold him. Your baby may be able to crawl as early as 6 months.

Install the car seat properly and always put belt on your child while in car seat. Make certain that your baby’s car safety seat is installed correctly. Read and follow the instructions that come with the car safety seat Use the car safety seat every time your child is in the car.

Some parents use car seat to carry their child from one place to other. Car seats are only meant to be used in car, don’t use that for other purposes.

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