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3 Month old baby milestones, what to expect from birth till 3 months

Babies grow up very fast. During the first month your little one spends most of his time while sleeping or feeding, but they are growing and developing so fast. At the mark of 3 month the first milestone a baby will achieve is that he/she will be a very active and talkative infant.

During the first month, your newborn is just getting used to this big, strange new world and you are getting used to taking care of his many needs. Your baby is also learning a lot as you spend time together every day. His brain is growing very fast.

Your baby will communicate with you through crying, that’s the only way he knows.

By the time your baby is 3 months old he will transform from newborn to a totally active infant. Before going into details here are some of key milestones to look for in a 3 month old baby

  • They Can push up on arms while tummy time.
  • During tummy time try to lift his head and can hold for few seconds
  • Three month old open and shut hands
  • They can also bring his hands to mouth
  • Become physically expressive and moves his hand and legs in excitement.

Baby developments and milestones during 1st month

During this time, sleeping, crying and feeding are the only things that a baby will do. And yes, frequent diaper changing is also a big task because they pee and poop at lot during this time.

They will only communicate through crying, that’s the only way they know. All you can do is to rule out the cause of their crying and make them feel comfortable.

Here are few changes that you can expect during first month
  • Most newborn lose their weight after birth but don’t worry they will start gaining weight after 10 days or so. It’s a normal behavior. By the week two they will be back on their birth weight.
  • They gain weight very quickly. They can gain 0.5 ounce to 1 ounce weight per day. On an average new babies gain 1 to 2 pounds weight in a month.
  • In 1 month most babies can lift their head while tummy time.
  • They can latch very well on nipple or breast to feed
  •  If you put your finger inside baby’s palm, you’ll notice that he’ll close his fist around it 
  • They can focus on face and can see your face when you talk to them closely. They can see the objects from 8 to 12 inches distance.
  • one month old will be able to bring their hand on face
  • Can respond to loud voice.
  • One-month-old  can hear you and knows your voice
  • You can also expect sudden crying while asleep.
  • They try to make some noise like ooh and ahhh especially if you are talking to them.
  • Some babies focus on bright color toys also specially stripped toys with black and white lines.
  • At 1 month old, if you put your baby’s feet on a solid surface while supporting their body, they’ll appear to take a few steps.
1 month old

Baby developments and milestones during 2nd month

This month will also go like sleeping, feeding, caring and crying but your baby changes a lot in these 2 months. Your baby may look different from the day they born. They look completely different.

Here are the few changes that you can expect

  • Babies gain weight much faster and your baby will gain about 2 to 4 pounds since birth and will grown 1 to 2 inches
  • Hand and leg moments will be more smother
  • Baby at this age can give smile at you. If you didn’t get a smile yet, don’t worry it’s still so soon, you will get one cute smile very soon.
  • Baby at this stage can lift their head during tummy time longer then before
  • Baby tries to communicate with different voices and gurgles.
  • 2 month old baby can recognize mother face or primary caregivers and close family members.
  • At this age some baby sneeze a lot, try using a humidifier.
  • Babies can see people and objects form 18 inches away, their vision is improving.
  • You may notice your baby while sucking their fist or few fingers.
  • Your baby is getting stronger and you may feel strong kicks then first month
  • Their hearing is also improving and they love listening. Try to talk with your baby, sing songs, tell stories and communicate with them.

3 month old baby development and milestones

During this month your baby will take a new look and will develop a lots of exciting skills. He will become more active and lose many of his newborn reflexes and will acquire more control of his body.

Here are few milestones of 3 month old baby that you can expect

  • He/she may start to sleep longer at nights.
  • They can be a great thumb-sucker, they soothe themselves while sucking, there is no need to worry about this.
  • He can give you his first smile if he didn’t smile at you during his 2nd month
  • He can lift up his head and chest while tummy-time
  • Open and shut hands.
  • Can push ups on arms while tummy-time
  • Bring his hand to mouth
  • Can follow moving objects
  • Recognize family members and familiar objects
  • Can begin to communicate through different sounds
  • Give reaction to loud voice
  • Enjoy your company
  • Can stretch his leg out and kicks while lying
3 month old

Overall Baby development and skills from 0 to 3 months

Here is the overall development and skills that your baby will acquire during these 3 months.

Sensory skill

Your baby will develop sensory skill during these months and here are some of them

  • Pay attention to face
  • Can move his head in a moving object direction
  • Enjoy listening to your voice and will be less cranky or fussy
  • can try to reach for a toy while tummy time

Motor skill

  • can open and shut his fist
  • moves legs and hand more frequently
  • can push ups on arms while tummy time
  • Lift his head while tummy time
  • can bring his hand to mouth

Communication skill

  • can smile at you
  • try to communicate with different sounds like coo and can make gargle voices
  • show interest in playing with you
  • can turns his head towards sound and voice
  • Stare at your face constantly
  • can make eye contact with you

Social skill

  • enjoy playing with you
  • make sounds in response of an interaction
  • can enjoy other babies and enjoy playtime
  • recognize people and familiar objects
  • Become physically expressive
  • Can also imitate your movements and facial expressions.

Physical skill

  • Moves legs and arms when excited
  • Less fussy when not hungry and happy
  • Enjoy daily activities like reading, bathing, rocking, walking and feeding
  • Can be easily comforted by cuddling and rocking.
  •  Grasps and shake hand toy

When to consult your doctor

Here are the following signs that you need to notice during this time and contact your healthcare provider.

  • If a baby is not able to make eye contact
  • Baby doesn’t respond to loud voice
  • Does not cry when hungry or uncomfortable
  • Not able to life his head
  • There is no movement in hands and legs or stiff legs and hands
  • He or She Cannot open and shut his fist.
  • If baby does not follow objects with eyes
  • Not able to feed or latch properly.
  • If Not making noise like coo and gargle at you.
  • Baby does not smile at you.
  • If baby does not grasp and hold toy in his hand.

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