irregular period

13 Home remedies for irregular periods and fertility

Overview Menstruation cycle is a natural part of women’s monthly cycle. The average menstruation cycle is 28 days, but can vary from woman to woman. The length of cycle can also vary month to month also. Some women face some irregularities in their cycle and there are some home remedies for irregular periods which are …

Toddler and milk
Behaviour, Toddlers

What do you do if your toddler won’t drink milk?

You must have heard from many moms that milk is important and their toddler don’t drink milk. Yeah! That’s right milk can be a great part of child’s diet because it provides energy and many other essential nutrition including protein, calcium and vitamin-D.  These are needed to grow healthy teeth and bones. Milk is an …


What should we not do in periods. Do and don’ts in periods.

While you are having a period, there are a number of activities that u don’t want to do because of how your hormones behave during that time. There are also numbers of do and don’ts of period, because they can harm your health. The changes and relative levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone throughout the …

Babies, Newborn babies

All about first month of a baby after birth, what can you expect?

During your newborn’s first month, your baby is just getting used to this big, strange new world. And you are getting used to taking care of his many needs. Now is a time when you are ready to go home with your little munchkin and ready to begin a new life with him. Now’s the time to …

trying to get pregnant
Pregnancy, Trying to Conceive

Are you Trying to get Pregnant? Increase the Chances of getting pregnant naturally

Overview Are you thinking about a baby and Trying to get pregnant? This information will help you to know about the things that you should know and in increasing chances of getting pregnant. When I was trying to have a baby. I try to do everything that I can do to get pregnant. But as …