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40 best and unique postpartum gifts for new moms in 2023

Shopping gifts for someone is always challenging especially if you are looking for best gift for a new mom postpartum. For a new mom everything is so overwhelming as well as tiring from late light feeding, dipper changing, and her own physical recovery. Many friends and relatives come to meet new mom and baby and get lots of lovely gifts.

You may be looking for some gift ideas to give a new mom that are practical and useful both. In fact, most new parents already have enough onesies, burp clothes, and bottles form their baby shower to last a long time. Have at look at my top, best and unique list of postpartum gifts for mew mom to give in 2022.

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Best gifts to consider for a new mom to help in postpartum recovery

Here are few gift ideas for a new mom to help them in their postpartum recovery and I am sure, they will like it a lot. These gifts are very useful for a new mom and they will surely use them.

1.     Postpartum recovery essentials kit

Postpartum recovery kit is a perfect gift for new mom after birth. It comes with all the essentials recovery items to ensure a good recovery. These kits include Disposable Underwear, Ice Maxi Absorbency Pads, Cooling Witch Hazel Medicated Pad Liners, Perineal Medicated Healing Foam etc. You can find it on very easily and can verify the reviews also. 

2.     Nursing pads

Nursing pads for a new mom is a must. This can be a best gift for new mom postpartum; these are very useful breastfeeding accessory. They can absorb breastmilk from leaking and prevent stain on clothes. You can gift a good, branded and reusable Nursing pads to a new mom, she will definitely thank you later.

3.     Postpartum maternity belt

Postpartum support belt can provide relief of swelling and helps to support abdominal muscle after delivery. It can speed up the recovery and can be used as lower back support, or maternity belt. This is also a useful and unique gift for a new mom postpartum which no one can think about.

4. A nursing pillow

A nursing pillow provides a comfortable position while breastfeeding to mom and baby both. It is not an essential accessory to have but definitely it’s very useful. I wish I had this while I was breastfeeding my son especially for initial few months. It will provide comfort while feeding and helps to support mom’s back, Shoulder and arm.

5.     Maternity night dress or pajama set

Maternity clothes are specially designed as per the comfort of new moms and always recommended by experts. There is all type of maternity clothes available including maternity bra, maternity dresses, maternity gown, maternity pajama and t-shirt shirt etc. This will be a perfect gift for a new mom as women love clothes a lot.

6.     Electric or manual breast pump

Breast pump allows mothers to extract milk easily when it is needed. There are two type if breast pump available: Manual and Electric. These pumps are designed to ensure comfort and as per mothers convenience. These are the best companion for a breastfeeding mom and can be given as a gift to new mom postpartum.

7.     A bottle warmer

Bottle warmer is an essential item for a mom postpartum. It helps to maintain correct temperature for breastmilk without boiling and retains its nutritional properties. Even bottle warmer can be used to heat up formula milk also. They are safe to use and the easiest way to maintain correct temperature according to baby.

8.     Organic nipple cream

Sore and cracked nipple is a side effect of breastfeeding and the area around nipples can be painful also. Nipple butters are the combination of oils and waxes that soothe sore and cracked nipple. Nipple butters are considered safe to use while breastfeeding. This can be a best gift for new mom postpartum who just started her journey of breastfeeding. You can choose a good organic brand nipple care cream as a gift.

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9.     A Diffuser and humidifier

A humidifier can solve the problem of dry air for babies especially in dry days like winter when babies are tend to get sick often. It will also helps in maintaining baby’s skin moisture.

A diffuser with essential oil helps to stay calm and relax. It can help in better sleep quality and relieve the symptoms of colic. You can gift them separately or buy 2 in 1 humidifier and diffuser suitable to your need. Make sure you tell new mom to never use diffuser with essential oil near to baby coz it can harm him.

10.     Postnatal multivitamins

It is very important for a new mom to eat well and take care of her nutrients and minerals so that she can fulfill a new baby needs. Postnatal multivitamins provide a big support after labor for recovery of body and to support breastfeeding. You can check with a good Dr. about which postnatal supplements are good for a new mom and gift her as a care from your side.

Best Gifts for a new mom for self care

Here is the list of best gifts for new mom postnatal for self care and self happiness.

11.      Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are the one that goes with each and every occasion. You can give anything, a personalized pillow, mug, watch, phone back cover, personalized jewelry, home décor, photo frame, collage or anything that comes in your mind. You can even write a special customized message on it to make it more special.

12.     Gold bracelet or necklace

A gold bracelet, necklace or any gold accessory is a perfect gift for your loved one on any occasion. Now a days you can even order personalized gold accessories also. Women likes to wear accessories on every occasion, you can gift this on any occasion as well as to a new mom after her delivery.

gif ideas for new mom

13.     A good parenting book

There are lots of parenting books available to help mothers in the journey of motherhood and parenting. You can gift a good parenting book also to a new mom so that they can prepare themselves to face challenges in the journey of motherhood.

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14.     Silk accessories set for a new mom

Silk accessories can include silk eye mask, pillow case, a hair cap or hair scrunches etc. It will look like an elegant and luxurious gift and she is gone love it.

15.      A diaper bag

A diaper bag is the best gift for new mom postpartum to store all baby needs in one place when you are going out with baby. Every mom needs a bag whether it’s a proper diaper bag or simple bag to keep the essentials like milk, diapers, tissues, extra pair of clothes, toiletries etc, so why not to gift her a diaper bag as a gift after birth.

16.     New mom gift basket

There are many new mom gift baskets available online on Amazon which include many essentials for mothers and baby which are beautifully packed and look elegant. You can check them and gift as per your budget and need to your loved one.

17.     Neck and back massager pillow

A new mother’s body is going through so much like pain of labor, strained position, uncontrolled weight gain, frequent feeding and diaper changing sessions, caring for new baby and so on. In this situation neck and back pain is very common.
You can gift her neck and back massager which will help to soothe pain and stay relay. These type of pillows provide comfort and blood circulation in all these painful areas which helps to soothe tired muscles.

18.     A personalized and motivational water bottle

A woman needs to drink lots of water while on breastfeeding. You can gift a good personalized and motivation water bottle which will keep reminding her to drink water and stay hydrated throughput the day.

19.     Food preparation for new mom

A good and easily available option to consider while thinking about gift is food. New mom finds hard to cook food while taking care of her baby and her own body. You can order or cook food for her and give her a break. Another option is to subscribe for a monthly meal service and give her a chance to recover well after delivery.

20.     A Spa gift card

Mothers also need a break and a spa day is enough for her to take a break and stay relax. You can gift her spa day gift card so that she can visit any day to enjoy self pampering time. This is the best and unique gift for a new mom postpartum.

21.     A healthy snack subscription

A new mom needs to eat frequently and healthy but doesn’t get time to cook. The best gift you can give to her is a healthy snack subscription for a month so that she can eat healthy whenever she wants to eat without any stress of cooking.  Regular snacking a day is a good way to stay healthy and energetic throughout the day which is very important for a new mom to take care of her baby.

postpartum gift ideas

22. Yearly subscription of AMAZON or Netflix

You can give a yearly subscription of Amazon or Netflix so that she can watch her favorite movies or TV shows to keep busy herself while on rest with baby.

23. A good pair of scuff slippers

A scuff slipper is also a good option to consider as a gift. Scuff slippers provide comfort on legs and are considered as home slippers keep the feet warm and cozy.

24.     Hair styling tools

Hair styling tools like hair dryers, hair straighter, and hair volumizer can be a great gift for mom who loves to style their hair every day. It will save their time and they will use it in her everyday life.

25.     Skin care and skin tightening products

Pregnancy can cause many changes in skin because it that skin can feel stretched and loose. There are many things which stay same like stretch marks, dry and stretched skin and itching. A new mom needs nutrition for skin also to keep it firm and tight. A good skin care can be a good gift for a mom who just delivered a baby.

26.      A good headphones

You can gift her good noise proof set of headphones so that whenever she wants to listen her favorite music, she can without disturbing her baby’s sleep.

27.     Professional photo shoot

First few weeks of mom with her newborn are very special. You can arrange a professional photo shoot as a gift for new mom to create beautiful memories. She will like it a lot and definitely thank you later. Who doesn’t like a professional photo shoot with their new member: everyone likes it, right? This will be a unique and best gift from you to a new mom postpartum.

28.     A gift card for shopping

Sometimes we think that a mother can have everything so what to gift her, this is where gift cards comes in picture. You can give her a gift card on which she can buy gift of her choice whenever she wants.

29.     New mom affirmations

New mom affirmations are basically a set of cards to help and motivate new moms after delivery to enjoy their motherhood with confidence. These cards empower moms to live the joyful life they are meant to live. As a new mom a woman can struggle with all the thoughts and emotions motherhood brings, these cards were created specifically for mothers.

Best Gift ideas to give a new mom for baby

Here is list of gift items which you can gift to a new mom for her baby care.

30.     Baby’s first journal or photo book

Baby’s first journal you can say a photo book can be a best gift for new mom postpartum. She can use it to create beautiful memories with her baby and remembers it for lifetime. Motherhood is all about emotions and she can record her motherhood journey in this journal.

31.     A crib for baby

If you are planning to gift something big and useful or if you are sharing the gift expense in a group, a crib will be a perfect choice for new baby. There are many option available in market or online, you can choose according to their choice and theme. If they already have a crib, you can check for crib accessories.

32.     Baby stroller

Baby strollers are lovable and desirable gift for a loved one who delivered a baby. If you are spending a decent amount of money, this can great as a gift even for kids also. There are many brands and different type of stroller available from which you can make a selection.

33.     Soft swaddle blanket

Soft swaddle blanket for a good sleep of newborn babies are always recommended by experts. These soft swaddle are cheaper and very useful for babies to relax them. This can be a perfect gift for anyone who just delivered a baby.

34.     Newborn essentials kit

Newborn essentials kids include all the daily routine things like moisturizer, oils, shower gel, shampoo etc. A mom can use them anytime and can be a useful gift to choose.

35.     Baby storage organizer kits

Babies have lots of essentials which need to organize for easy access. You can give organizing kits which will help new mom to organize all the stuff of new born. It will be a great gift option to choose for anyone on any occasion.

36.     Stroller organizers

There are so many things to put in stroller when moms go out with baby. Stroller organizers are of a great help in this. It offers plenty of space and section to keep phone, purse, milk bottle, water bottle etc.

37.     Baby monitor camera

Baby monitors gives you a power to look after your baby when you are not with them. There are many smart baby monitor cameras are available you can choose to gift your loved one. These smart camera or video monitoring system will let mom see, hear and talk to their little one remotely.

38.      A baby carrier

Baby carriers are the one that moms can use soon after the birth of their little munchkin to hold them. It is a perfect gift to give new moms postpartum. Mothers can hold their baby and do work both together with the help of these carriers and they are safe to use also.

39.      A play gym

A play gym is a perfect for a new born baby because it helps babies to practice their fine motor and gross motor skills. It is a great option to let baby entertain himself and enjoying.

40.     Mum and baby duo clothes

This is something very cute and cheesy but a good gift for new mom. You can gift mom and baby duo clothes like mom and baby t-shirt or same clothes for both. There are plenty of designs available online or in market to choose from.

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